How Does It Work

We have tried to keep things simple for the Employers and we share their workload to make the process as smooth as possible for them. Here is how it works :

  • You (the Employer) search for suitable profiles using ‘Skill’ and ‘Location’ as per your preference.
  • You tag the profiles you like using ‘Add to my Cart’ button.
  • After you have tagged suitable profiles and pressed on “Cart completed. Email list”, the system will send us the list of candidates you have tagged i.e. shortlisted.
  • Our office will get in touch with those shortlisted candidates to seek their availability for interview with your company as per the timeline you suggest.
  • We inform you about their availability and share with you their contact details for you to reach them for interview.
  • You conduct their interviews and give us your feedback.
  • We inform candidates and advise them about the next steps.
  • After you have made your selection, you issue Offer Letters and pass it onto us to get it signed by the candidates.
  • We get the Offer Letters signed and forward it to you with other required documents such as Medical Test report, etc.
  • Similarly, we get the MOL Offer Letter signed by the candidates and send it back to you.
  • You forward Visa details to us. We forward it to the candidates and help them with their immigration process if required.
  • You send us candidate’s joining ticket (in case your company provides joining ticket) or we send it to you after we receive it from the candidate. Alternatively, you can send it directly to the candidate or candidate can send it directly to you.
  • You receive candidates after they arrive in the city/country of their work.